In an effort expand Middlesex County's ongoing traffic and pedestrian safety initiatives, we welcome you to the Middlesex County Comprehensive Traffic Safety Website (CTSP). The CTSP Website is a one-stop shop for all traffic and pedestrian safety measures and information within the County. All County residents are encouraged to learn about traffic and pedestrian safety information and know emergency numbers for the areas in which they live. Our program continues to innovate and new initiatives throughout the county to ensure that our streets, roadways and bridges are safer, properly maintained and meet the needs of our residents and visitors. On behalf of the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, we hope that this website will provide our residents and all those that traverse through our county the information they need to better ensure their safety whether as a pedestrian, pedalcyclist or as an occupant in a motor vehicle.
Shanti Narra, Chairperson
Public Safety & Health Committee
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Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Kenneth Armwood

Leslie Koppel

Charles Kenny

Ronald G. Rios

Charles E. Tomaro
Deputy Director

Shanti Narra

Blanquita B. Valenti